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I come and teach at wildwind every year

I come and teach at Wildwind every year because I love the place and I love being able to share that with people from another country. Vassiliki is truly special and the Wildwind guys are perfect. - Kostas Trigonis, Tornado World Champion

I first heard about wildwind from a friend of mine who persuaded me that a

I first heard about Wildwind from a friend of mine who persuaded me that a sailing holiday was just what I needed. I had never sailed before and was somewhat dubious, but I fell in love with the place - the easy-to-learn but adrenaline-inducing sport, the brilliant staff, and the unique Wildwind flavour. I've been back at least once a year and sometimes twice for the past ten years. There's just no where else like it. - Jill Hurworth, Barrister

It s really no wonder that wildwind has the reputation of being the holiday

It's really no wonder that Wildwind has the reputation of being the holiday centre that real sailors want to go to. The amazing variety of equipment along with the unbeatable sailing conditions and the relaxed but extremely professional attitude of all of the instructors make it a truly unique place. - Laura Baldwin, Olympic Competitor Athens 2004

The staff at wildwind are really special

The staff at Wildwind are really special. Over the years that I've been running Laser training camps there I've always been extremely impressed with just how much they put in to ensure their clients are totally satisfied with the Wildwind experience. - Chris Gowers, GB Olympic Head Coach

Wildwind has it all!!! - Mark Jardine, 'Yachts & Yachting'

I was lucky enough to have worked at Wildwind for a short period before I got seriously involved in my Olympic commitments. My best memories of Vassiliki are simply blasting around in a selection of high performance dinghies and catamarans - with the flat water and good afternoon winds it really is a fantastic sailing destination - Chris Draper, Olympic Bronze medallist & World Champion 49er class.

Thank you for yet another fantastic holiday. We keep on wondering whether we can keep on enjoying ourselves as much as the year before, but it just seems to get better and better - Jon Ward

The conditions are great the staff are fantastic i had a really good time

The conditions are great. The staff are fantastic. I had a really good time. - Peter Ellington, Lecturer from Norwich

It would have to be the cross wind mixed with reliable blue skies you get a

It would have to be the cross wind mixed with reliable blue skies. You get a quiet calm morning and in the afternoon you get the cross winds, the boats come out, and you just have a fantastic time. - Clarry Knight, Manager from Exeter

I think it s phenomenal there are so many boats here all different types yo

I think it's phenomenal. There are so many boats here, all different types. You can almost always find something you like to sail or something new. - Joe Cross, Engineer, London

Yesterday the instructors took me out in the tiger and the hobbie 16 for a

Yesterday the instructors took me out in the Tiger and the Hobbie 16 for a bit of a blast and we were clocking up 20 knots! We were flying the kite on the Tiger. Really really good fun. Done some sailing that I probably wouldn't have done at any other venue. - Iain Rogers from London

Great selection of boats, great staff, fantastic vibe, fantastic wind in the afternoon and you've got Tigers. What could be better? - Andrew Repton, Engineering Director from Wootton Bassett

We're having a great time. It's the fourth time I've been here now and it's the only place we've ever come back to. I think that says a lot for wild and the staff here. The staff are great, they know us now. We always get greeted by name as we arrive. We love going out sailing with them. They're some of the best sailors I've come across and brilliant teachers so it's really a fantastic place to come to. - Andrew Repton, Engineering Director from Wootton Bassett

The conditions here are absolutely fantastic in the morning you get light l

The conditions here are absolutely fantastic. In the morning you get light lovely onshore wind. You get to go out in all these powerful boats and test your skills and learn from the instructors here. In the afternoon it blows really nicely from 5-6bft cross shore, really letting you test your skills. Absolute brilliant conditions. Love it. - Andrew Repton, Engineering Director from Wootton Bassett

I've been here four times now. I suppose that speaks for itself. It's a fantastic place to come. Always great, always exciting. - Anonymous

I think the week long program works well because it starts off with various lessons in the mornings. We get to go out with the instructors in the windy afternoons. Further towards the end of the week its race training. By the time you get to the racing whatever level of experience you have, you have gained a good amount experience. - Anonymous

Really good. Can't fault it at all. Even the sails were pretty good considering the amount of sunlight! - Anonymous

Great sailing experience! Great team! Thank you so much for that fantastic time here. I'll keep sailing and come back soon. See you! - Christina Raake

Wildwind is definitely the coolest sailing centre in the world because of the variety of dinghys and cats. - Alan McIntosh

The only trouble with a Wildwind holiday is that now no other holiday will do! Thanks Simon and Varvara! - Hazel

Thank you so much for a great week with Wildwind last week. We loved it all so much and if you want to send any schools my way for recommendations, then do ask me. The blend of your staff, the hotel staff and your facilities, weather and non-sea based activities is perfect for a week away with students. I am impressed, now that I have returned for a second year, to see the same faces at Wildwind, and at the hotel which suggests that your management is keeping everything running smoothly. - Vivienne Hambleton

Testimonials - Praise for Wildwind Sailing Holidays

I just want to thank you so much for our stay at your beautiful place. What a lovely environment you've created - in terms of aesthetics, ambience and ‘vibe' it ticks all the boxes. We all had an absolute ball frolicking around in the water. No wonder you have such a high return rate. - Jed Novick, Writer

It's the first time I've see Andrew since he came back and he tells me it's far and away the best sailing beach holiday he's ever had... No small accolade - he's pretty much done them all. - Graeme, Journalist

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